Man Crush Friday?

Red Solo cups, rented runway couture, and the disappearance of shoe repair shops…More and more we are becoming a society of shiny and new convenience. We are less focused on keeping things for the long haul, things that no longer shine and hold our attention deprived… Ooh sparkles. Anyway, as I was saying, the old tends to be cast aside for the new as we lose interest rather quickly these days. 

In this age of speed dating, online “match making” and the whole left or right “swipe” thing, I’m so thankful that I’ve got my Man Crush all signed and sealed. As many of my friends are going through valleys in their relationships, I’ve often reflected on my own. Why are we so happy?  Seriously, we are like teenagers minus the drama. After all these years, and 3 kids (two of which are teenagers), we can honestly say we are more in love today than when we met. Were there difficult days?  Uh, yeah!  No doubt there were some dark days in there. The difference was, I never felt hopeless about our relationship. In every other relationship, when things would get rough I’d try to picture my life without that person. What would my life be like?  Better or worse?  Would I get over him after ice cream, a good cry, and a country music marathon? With him things were different.  I could never develop that picture… There was no future I could imagine without him. He is my very best friend. I know every girl says that about her crush… For me it is true. There is no one I’d ever consider confiding in other than him. I love every second together.  I feel so sad for the couples at restaurants sitting in silence over their main courses because they ran out of polite conversation somewhere between the bread basket and the appetizer. I guess we still manage to entertain one another, so that’s good. We share the same dreams and every stage of our lives together has been a new adventure. From the garden shed we built together to remodeling foreclosures, we have tackled some hurdles that would’ve put some marriages in divorce negotiations. Somehow we come out stronger each time. 

There are times when my mind just drifts to memories of our life together and I realize how blessed I am by this man who has chosen to love me completely. What a gift. What if I would’ve given up in the beginning when the newness wore off and things got a little sticky for a while???  Where would I be now?  What if he wouldn’t have stuck it out with me?  I can’t imagine that another man could ever have loved me the way that he has… I know I don’t EVER want to find out!!!  The way he looks at me. The way he flirts with me. The way he loves me. I hope that my kids can find what we have someday. A fierce love that never stops giving you chills with a kiss AND a lasting love that is a best friend for life. When you find that love, you hold onto it with all your heart and you don’t throw it away. Take care of it and remember: Vintage is always better. 💖


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