“I’m sorry that I look like a total slob today!”…. Up for interpretation I guess

That moment when you lie in bed doing algebraic equations and long division with your eyes closed as your alarm on your smart phone glaringly ticks off the seconds remaining on your snooze alarm… Days since last hair washing, divided by days of dry shampoo subtract any outings to especially exotic smelling establishments… You get the idea. Ugh, realization that the last possible moment has arrived for you to remain in bed if a shower is possible… BUT, if you wash said foul hair but don’t flat iron it, how much time will that buy you in the sack?  Reality?  Now you have spent the entire “extra sleep” time wrestling with your inner self and doing complicated beauty math. However it ends up working out, now you are rushed for time to get ready for that lunch date with a friend absent these last 3-4 months. Here it comes… The text message that (I think) we all send preparing our friend for how we are going to look. This is first of all an apology of sorts, at least I see it as one, for valuing my time in bed more than looking presentable to them out in public. This text also gives them the option to dress it down a bit and not go all out. Most of all, I think this text is our way of begging that our friend not show us up and make us look even worse. Ok, so here I am deciding if my hair, after DAYS A, B and C could possibly have a D day left in it by any miracle. That’s bad enough… But do not think that I would not style this funky hair, or wear make-up and a cute outfit. If my hair is lacking then you better believe I’m going to do everything I can to distract your attention away from that fact.  So that’s how we roll… We make excuses but still look better than when we rolled out of bed. 

This brings me to my question… What is wrong with these girls today???  On a daily basis I see girls out in groups wearing grubby t-shirts with athletic shorts (in nice restaurants), hair in complete dirty disarray and no make-up between the bunch. Now, I’m not saying go to the gym looking ready to compete for Miss Texas but don’t go to Miss Texas looking ready for a softball game either. My momma always said for me to wait to start wearing make-up until I was ready for the responsibility because once you start it is part of your daily hygiene routine. If you don’t want to wear full make-up then at least wear the trinity (blush, mascara and lip gloss). Stop complaining about being single or treated badly by boys if you aren’t willing to act like ladies girls!  There is a difference between the two. Just as there is a difference between a man and a gentleman… I guess you have to decide which you want and how long you want him to be attracted to your appearance. Love isn’t all about physical attraction… That would be a real travesty, but so would a lack of physical attraction in your relationship. Take care of yourself and put that out there for all to see… You owe it to yourself and to those around you. The best test of how you are presenting yourself is to ask yourself these questions:  Do I ever need to text my friends to let them know I’m not arriving at my best?  How have they come to expect you to arrive?