That thrill that sends chills and the nail biting suspense of waiting, praying that yours is the winning bid… After searching shoe stores across the great state of Texas and every online fashion shoe site known to lift a girl’s steps, FINALLY a shopping website came through like shoe manna from heaven. There they were, the dream booties… Unfortunately, online shopping does not satisfy with immediate gratification so the anticipation only fueled my infatuation. Days spent stealing glances at pictures of my shoes and who they were with or what they did when they weren’t with me…Followed by the endless nights dreaming of the countless new outfit possibilities now afforded by this, the most perfect of perfect black, low cut, closed toe, Bootie with the ankle bow accent. Day and night ticking off the minutes until I could finally introduce my lonely feet to their long lost “sole mates”.  Yesterday I received a text that my booties would be arriving today and that I would have to sign for their arrival. I was at first very impressed by this grandstanding for their long awaited arrival… I thought only I had understood the great significance of this moment. Then the bomb was dropped on my parade planning – signatures are required for international packages. Wait!  That can’t be right, my delightful little booties are traveling from abroad while disguising themselves as domestic. I’m confused. Don’t panic I tell myself as I begin to unpack my new outfits that orbit the black booties. Well, today was delivery day and as I opened my carefully wrapped package from some small province in China, my heart sank. There in white faux muslin lay the worst imposters ever imported. The shoe liner was so wrinkled inside I would have developed a blister before reaching my front porch. The ankle bow accent wasn’t even glued together and the back zippers don’t stay zipped while simultaneously pinching your heel flesh. I can safely say that I have never bought an imported imposter that I was pleased with or thought it was better than the real deal. At once my mother’s words of warning popped into my head, “You really do get what you pay for”. I think even when people complain about designers and say that you are only paying for their name that means something… If their name is worth that much and they put their name on it, then it better be worth it!  No more imposter imports for this girl. Lesson learned.